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Es un bloque asociado a Química de 2º de Bachillerato
Enlaza con estados de oxidación, ajustes redox, pilas y electrólisis

The ChemWiki is a collaborative approach toward chemistry education where an Open Access textbook environment is constantly being written and re-written by students and faculty members resulting in a free Chemistry textbook to supplant conventional paper-based books. The development of the ChemWiki is currently directed by UC Davis Professor Delmar Larsen.

Chemistry Experiment Simulations and Conceptual Computer Animations, Chemical Education Research Group,Department of Chemistry, Iowa State University

Simulador pilas con distintos electrodos
Salvador Hurtado, cc-by

Baterías http://www.doitpoms.ac.uk/tlplib/batteries/index.php
Pilas de combustible http://www.doitpoms.ac.uk/tlplib/fuel-cells/index.php
University of Cambridge, cc-by-nc-sa

Pila de limón y de patata, asociable a laboratorios